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This GitBook holds my publicly-shareable notes.

About Mingyang Li

I'm building the search engine at eBay. I'm also an ex-googler from the YouTube Data team.
Education-wise, I earned my Master's degree in Data Science from U of Penn.
  • While at Penn, I worked at Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) as a research associate. There, I built pipelines for parsing SEC filings into sectionized plain text.
  • In my master's thesis and several other publications, I compared people's perceptions of Emojis and (im-)politeness strategies across countries. These papers were completed under the World Well-Being Project (WWBP), Positive Psychology Center (PPC) of Penn.
Before Penn, I received two Bachelor's degrees studying nanomaterials.

Countries that I have stayed for...

  • at least a year: Canada, US, and China.
  • almost a month: Japan and UK.
  • more than a week: Germany and India.
  • less than a day: Qatar and Switzerland.