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Notes from SIGIR2020

Notes taken from attending SIGIR2020.

Talking with People

Notes with Ameeta Agrawal

We talked about:

  • Emotion lexica:

    • WEES

    • NRC/EmoLex

    • WNA

  • Types of sarcasm:

    • Co-existence of positive and negative emotions in the text.

    • This is the type that was explored in Ameeta Agrawal's work, Leveraging Transitions of Emotions for Sarcasm Detection.

    • I mentioned that the presence of transition words for opposition/contradiction may indicate genuine, impartial attempts to cover both sides of the argument (consider IAC).

    • Pointing out issues that should be common sense.

    • I talked about a real life example that happened at a closed car rental place.

    • Ameeta Agrawal suggested COMET, a common sense KB, from U of Washington. (GitHub)

Notes with Weixuan Zhang

Zhang is the author of the MUSE model. 3 types of document relationships:

  • semantic relevance,

  • textual entailment, and

  • textual similarity.

Notes with Suchana Datta

Author of this.

  • On the change of the city name Bengalore to Bengaluru:

    • Bangalore was the British spelling. In the local official language (Kannada), it is spelled Bengaluru.

    • This is similar to how Calcutta was renamed to Kolkata.

  • Resources for studying Indian language procesing:

Notes with Maram Hasanain



Copula (probablity theory)

  • โ€‹Archimedean Couplasโ€‹

    • Clayton Coupla -- easier to get probability distribution function

    • Frank Coupla

    • Gumbel Coupla

  • Used in this paper.

Work similar to our workshop paper

Concepts I learned