Being Minimalistic and Mobile

Years of living in different countries required lots of moving. The fact that these countries resided on different continents demanded my belongings minimalistic and mobile.
This is an interesting combination of lifestyles. To explain it, let me start with a counter-example: Steve Jobs. To be specific, Steve Jobs in his almost-empty room. A true minimalist he was, and (I believe; citation needed) there are homeowners kept their house/condo empty to practice minimalism.
The problem was with the home-owning part, though: It's not very mobile.
Own a elaborately-furnished house
Rent a place and buy all furnitures yourself
Own a house with only a mattress
Rent a furnished housing
Let's supports if a homeowner -- no matter how minimalist they are -- had to leave the country next month, with no re-entry guaranteed. They might abandon the real estate, or -- at best -- sell it for cheap. Either way, it sounds like a sizable financial lost.
This was exactly a situation I had to face. In Spring 2019, I had to leave the US for a conference trip to Germany. My student visa to the US was already expired[^1], so I had to go back to China after the conference. It meant that I had to fill up my two luggages with my most valuable belongings. Real-life knapsack problem!
I'm glad that, foreseeing my departure, I budgeted as little as possible ($200) when building my desktop computer in Philadelphia: I'll be more than happy to toss it into the recycle bin when I left the US[^2]. This mindset of mine can be summarized as:
No investment, no attachment.
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[^1]: Note that I was still legally allowed to stay because my student status had not expire. I feel that this is something I always have to explicitly mention when talking/writing to general audience.
[^2]: which I didn't, but that's another story.