Free Hugs

I used to offer free hugs in the street.
The first time I encountered a free-hugger was in Tokyo. As I gave him a hug, he sighed in Japanese, "Ah, finally!" It's not hard to tell that he had a hard time waiting for huggers, considering that Japan has a generally conservative culture. I felt sorry for his long wait and thankful for his perseverance.
He inspired me to provide free hugs when I moved to Waterloo, ON. I used to provide free hugs every week for several months at a crossroads in front of a shopping center.
It was entertaining to observe how people react to this form of friendly invitation to strangely intimate interactions. Some waive their hands and say "No, thanks. I'm good". Some rush across the street just to ask for a strong hug. Some just turn away their sights. Some gives you an "air hug" across the street...
I stopped doing this as my schoolwork at Penn got a bit too overwhelming in late 2017.