I love sending and receiving postcards. These hard-papered mailables add a tangible touch of caring to this generation of us whose textual communications has gone 99% electronic.
I love them so much that I joined the postcrossing project on 2016, and, for pretty much the same reason, I quitted that platform when I started to receive -- and ultimately writing -- a bunch of postcards without just the tracking number, not a word of greeting. That was the point when a previously fun and heart-warming activity began to look repetitive and dull.
Don't get me wrong -- I still love postcards. In fact, in my bedroom far away from home, I still have a whole wall with postcards blu-tacked to it. Wallpaper hurt when they started to peel off, and so did my heart. It was saddening, almost as saddening as when my of my major income sources as a Chinese, Red Packet Money, came to an end.