How to Be A Fun Person

How miserable! You need to consult a Wiki page for this. But seriously, being a fun person to hang out with can really help with your socialization. Read on :-)
  • Make use of memes. 9GAG is a great start place.
  • Make exceptional use of idioms, etc. For example,
    • When dining out in a restaurant, take a sip of the water, act unimpressed and say, "taste like water."
    • If you are Greek, upon hearing any non-English speech (perhaps public announcements in a plane?), say, "it's all Greek to me."
      • Note: It also worked for me when I said "sounds like Chinese to me," so I guess you can improvise a bit.
      • Not Greek nor Chinese? Consult this wonderful graph.
  • Blame your (potentially imaginary) cat when you mistakenly sent a garbage message to someone rubbing over your keyboard:
    Sorry about that message; My cat thought it funny to roll over my keyboard, and she's not even sorry.
  • If you can't escape from a undesirable situation, try changing your perspective.
    “It's all about perspective. The sinking of the Titanic was a miracle to the lobsters in the ship's kitchen. (Oct 4, 2011)” ― Wynne McLaughlin
    • When in a contemporary art museum, if you are having a hard time making sense out of the abstract paintings, try imagining them as slide deck backgrounds.
      • Try answering these questions:
        • What arrangement of visual objects would this painting suitable for? A title slide? A text-and-image slide? A quotation slide?
        • What can I put each of the visual objects?
        • Which paintings can be used together as a template for a whole deck? A useful template for slide decks should define a style for most of the popular arrangements, such as title slide, content slide, quotation slide, and half-and-half slide. Focus on their visual coherence/consistency.
      • Example:
What you might encounter in an art gallery
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