Managing Habits

We are creatures of habit more than we are creatures of change. -- A.J. Darkholme
Recently, I'm trying to keep track of my habits and daily routines. Last time I did so, was back in 2010, using an app called Habitica. The dailies I'm tracking now are as following:
  • Open a book and read at least 2 pages.
  • Write at least 100 words -- probably the reason why I've been regularly & frequently updating my Wiki for the past 2 weeks.
  • No pop/soda, or any carbonated drink, really. For me, this is easy and difficult at the same time: It's easy because I've never been a huge fan of sweetened and/or sparkling drinks anyways, difficult in the sense that I'm really a beer lover.
There are "habits" that I'm trying to get rid of, too. Starting about two weeks ago, I'm trying to quit coffee. This does not necessarily mean quitting caffeine, though -- take today as an example: I've consumed three bottles of Tejava.
Autumn (and the coming winter) is probably a good season for warm drinks. 温かいお茶を飲む季節なんだね。In the past, I used brew tea myself (see this page for related info), but that seemed to be too superfluous in my new office, where I haven't seen anyone else doing that here. I'll probably continue doing so if someone else does it first :P
Before getting back to the habits, I'd like to point out that there's a completely voluntary, human TTS service right beside me as I am typing this document. Meet my roommate, ladies and gentlemen. 看看他能不能读这些话。
Okay. Now he shut up.
Oops. He got them.
Back to the habits. I'm also trying to avoid alcohol. Okay. Now my roommate is rushing towards the fridge and grabbing me that last can of... okay. He didn't. Kinda wondering what stopped him from doing so.
Go to my [profile] page; check out my pronouns there. -- Roommate, after I unnecessarily appended "/her" to his "him."
Check out his Twitter account, and remember to subscribe to his YouTube channel. -- Roommate, after finding out I'm typing down whatever he's saying.
Ok. Page ruined. See you tomorrow night, everyone.
... and don't forget to subscribe.