Talks Worth Watching

A curated list of long (>30 min) talks I watched and recommend watching, accompanied with a brief summary.
The average runtime of an fiction audiobook I read is 9 hours. If I were listening to talks that run 45 min, that's 12 talks per book, which is a reasonable number of chapters I would expect from the fiction anyways.
Recently, I have to face the dilemma that 1) the books I want to read are often unavailable as audiobooks, and that 2) my daily commute is boring without interesting listens. In the coming weeks, I will experiment with listening to talks on my commute.
I will keep a list of talks that I deem worth listening to here.

There is No Algorithm for Truth - with Tom Scott

I enjoyed Tom Scott's YouTube channel for being educational, mildly entertaining, and best-he-can-do fact-checked. The last bit of description might seem odd to you. If that is the case, you should watch this talk: It is all Tom Scott convincing to not trust him.

Effective Speaking in Spontaneous Situations - Matt Abrahams

Title's different. Not a big deal. This talk is full of interactive games that are suitable as team-bonding/ice-breaking activities, other than being inspiring.