Bikes I Owned

I love biking, and I love the idea of stationless bike sharing (SBS). For example, OFO was a great option for commuting when I was doing my undergrad in Beijing. After getting spoiled by the low cost of SBS services in China, I had virtually no budget for buying bike of my own when moved to North America (thrice).
I bought my first and second mountain bikes from Canadian Tire in 2015 and from Walmart in 2017. As I recall, those were ~CAD$300 purchase. Now, this amount may not sound much to hobbyist bikers, but -- once again -- to someone with virtually zero budget, that was quite an investment.
The second mountain bike, also the first bike I owned while residing in Philly, was stolen during an afternoon. I biked home early that afternoon, due to an acute stomach ache. The bike was probably left unlocked in the garage by then, which left an opportunity to thefts.
A colleague of mine, J, was kindly enough to have gifted his old bike, a Giant Defy, to me. Although J repeatedly stressed that it was not technically a road bike, its lightweightness and thin tires informed me otherwise. Compared to my stolen mountain bike, it was so easy to operate that, every time I rode it, I told myself to focus on lightweightness when buying my next commuter bike in the future. Something like Giant Escape 3, perhaps?
Notes on my next bike:
The future came with an unexpected turn, though. My daily commute to work nowadays involves a 12 min walk, which is less than pleasant for early winter mornings, but too trivial for a bike. As a middle ground, I bought a kick scooter (a Razor A6.) I found out that I can ride it (as long as I stay slow and careful) inside of Google's buildings, which made trips to microkitchens a breeze. I wonder if I would need another bike at all living in bay area.